Hi. I’m Aashish, a Software Engineer from San Francisco. I enjoy building products with new web technologies.Previously at Stripe and Kleiner Perkins
That's my dog, Yogi.
Selected Projects
Stripe is the leader in online payment processing.

I was a software engineering intern on the disputes team during Summer 2019.
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Balbix is a security suite for enterprises.

I was a software engineering intern on the Machine Learning team during Summer 2018.
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Codeflow enables teams to build and share onboarding documentation that captures the details of their codebase.

I co-created the service in 2020.
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StoreWith is a platform for college students to rent out their free space as summer storage.

I built the service in 2018.
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ProtoType is a no-code web development platform for interactive applications.

I built the service in 2019.
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